At last, a stand that allows hands free use of your tablet on a bed, a couch, in a chair or anywhere
check Fits virtually EVERY tablet (see details)
check Watch shows, read, and browse hands-free
check Ergonomic - no more tired hands and arms
check America’s best selling tablet stand for uneven surfaces like the bed or the sofa
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Enjoy your shows and read in bed – completely hands-free

With the Tablift you no longer have to awkwardly balance your tablet on a pillow when trying to read or watch your favorite shows in bed. You can lay flat on your back and position the tablet in an ideal viewing position.

The patented design of the Tablift has four independently flexible legs that enable you to place the stand on any uneven surface, like a bed or a sofa, and have it be rock stable. With the wide leg base and low center of gravity, the Tablift will not tip over and keeps your tablet in a secure mounted position.

Flexible legs allow the Tablift to fold to a compact size for easy storage and portability

With completely adjustable and flexible legs, the Tablift can fold down to a surprisingly compact size when not in use.

The small footprint of the folded stand allows you to easily put it in a drawer, a backpack, or a suitcase for travel.

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Works with virtually ALL tablets

The universal design of the Tablift allows it to work with virtually all tablets, including all iPad models and sizes (Pro models not officially supported). The 10mm slots in the mounting base will accept the edge of just about any modern tablet made today (without a case). The industrial grade bungee strap will stretch or contract to provide a firm fit for various size tablets

For smaller (or mini) tablets the strap can be adjusted to make it shorter to accommodate the shorter dimension. The Tablift will even work with some of the larger smart phones.

check mark 3Every Tablift comes with a 100% money-back guarantee

Tablift has become the most-loved tablet accessory – become one of our many raving fans!

“What a handy thing to have. No more holding my tablet. Frees up my hands, relieves the strain from having to hold the tablet all the time and it’s adjustable to accommodate nearly any position or place that I sit or lay. Well worth the money.” ~Claudia G. Houston, TX

“This is THE way to read your iPad in bed . Or watch videos. Or write business letters. Or whatever you do with your iPad . I HIGHLY recommend this to every tablet owner” ~Andrew L. Los Angeles, CA

“Wow, this device has transformed the experience of using my tablet. I watch all my shows and even movies now on my tablet in total comfort. I no longer usemy TV! For a cord-cutter, this is a life saver.” ~Enrique S. Miami, FL

“Works as advertised and well worth the cost. I tried several other stands prior to this, and this is the one I will use for a long time to come.” ~Kim B. Seattle, WA

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Fast and FREE shipping on all orders!

Family packs