The Tablift is a universal design made to work with virtually any tablet on the market. The adjustable restraining strap, which holds the tablet into the base of the Tablift adjusts to any tablet, large or small. The base of the Tablift features grooves which are 10mm in width and will hold any tablet that is less than 10mm near the edge, which is virtually all modern tablets.

By no means a complete list, here are some of the major tablet models that work with the Tablift:

    • Apple iPad – all versions and generations, regular size through mini (All iPad Pro models must be used with a hard case)
    • Samsung Galaxy stand (all models and sizes)
    • Microsoft Surface (not Pro) 2, 3, Surface Pro 3,4
    • Amazon Kindle – Fire HD, Fire HDX, Paperwhite
    • Any tablet that has an edge that is less than 10mm thick

If you have questions about the compatibility of your tablet, check the width of the edge of the tablet. If it is less than 10mm, then it will fit into the cradle grooves of the Tablift. If you have any other questions, please email us at

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