Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Tablift work with my tablet?
The Tablift will work with virtually any tablet, including all iPads (All iPad Pro models must be used with a case) and Galaxy’s with a few exceptions. As a general rule, if your tablet is less than 10mm in thickness it should fit in the mounting slots of the tablift. Please see our compatibility page for more details.
What are the dimensions of the Tablift when it is folded up to its smallest size?
When the Tablift is folded up to its smallest size, the dimensions are approximately 10.5” x 6” x 3.5”.
How large of a person will the Tablift fit?
The Tablift will work for most people 250 lbs or below. For those with a larger frame, the Tablift may still work, but it may just be touching your body when in use.
Will the Tablift work for children?
Yes! Many parents find the Tablift is particularly useful for small children who may have trouble holding a tablet themselves.
Will the Tablift work with a case?
Unless the tablet is an iPad Pro, a case is unnecessary. We do recommend using a case with the iPad Pro.  Otherwise, if the tablet with a case measures less than 10mm in thickness at the edge, then it may work with the tablift.
Will the Tablift work when in a chair or recliner?
Yes. It works very well on any uneven (or even) surface. It was designed with independently adjustable legs that allow it to adapt to any uneven surface where the height that each leg is standing on may be different.
Will it hold a book or a laptop?
Unlikely. It was designed to hold the edge of a flat tablet.
Does the Tablift work if I’m laying down completely flat?
Yes. This was one of the primary design considerations. Because the Tablift has a forward leaning angle, it will work when laying flat because you can tilt the screen downward toward your face.

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