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“If you spend time sitting in a recliner or on a couch or bed using your tablet, this Tablift is exactly what you need. It leaves your hands free, allows you to type with both hands, sets the tablet at a perfect angle (there are three from which to choose), and keeps the tablet steady. You will wonder how you ever got along without it.” ~David VanWig

“If you use your tablet in bed, you need this stand. It is the best accessory I have owned for my iPad.”    ~Marzel Garcia      

“Holds the tablet at just the right angle and is adjustable to lap, desk, or chair.” ~Doris Ronson

“This is great!! I’m lying in bed now using my iPad for this review – it makes using my pad so much easier on my neck, arms and hands. It’s extremely well made and I like that there was absolutely no ‘assembly required!’ It folds nicely too when I’m not using it.” ~Loren Hicks    

“Best holder for IPad” ~Simone Evans

“I have an iPad. Holding it lying on your back in bed causes fingers and hand fatigue. I tried other products but it didn’t give me a restful position to view my iPad. I kept searching the Internet for something else and stumbled upon Tablift. What a relief to be able to type with two hands using Tablift. Thanks Tablift for this great product.” ~Rudy Mills

“Pretty much everything I expected and hoped for. I dont even use my tv anymore.” ~Alex Lee

“I love it. At first a little to get use to, but once I learned to move the legs as needed the best stand! Perfect if you have neck problems. You can use this anywhere.” ~Rudy Mills

“Cool stand that has many uses and is sturdy. Five stars” ~Matt Gillory

“Great! I love it and use it ALL OF THE TIME! Super great for reading books!” ~Mary Rodgers

“My elderly mother loves this device to hold her Ipad for extended periods of time while reading books. Works in bed and in an easy chair just fine.” ~Garn Pringle

“This was perfect while I was recovering from surgery. I am sure I will use it again and again after recovery!” ~Linda Mitchell

“I have found this stand extremely useful with helping me to read comfortably in bed.” ~Tracy Doering-Beatty

“This item is very functional, repositionable, flexible, sturdy, etc…and can be used in many applications (bed/table/kitchen
counter/lounge chair/couch…wherever!), I love it, and so do the 5 other people I gifted them to last year.” ~Mark Rose

“Excellent. Just what I needed. Certainly ergonomic value. Great idea.” ~Jose Aviles

“Bought this for wife. She loves it. Five Stars” ~James Carver

“I bought this for my mom because she watches TV on her iPad before bed and it’s always falling down. It looks a little silly so she was skeptical, but she ended up loving it. The construction seems really sturdy and it’s easy to bend the legs to fit on most surfaces or adjust it to the height you prefer.” ~Andrea Loving

“I bought this for my dad who has had multiple back surgeries and spends most of his days in the bed. He absolutely loves it. It stays in place even when he falls asleep watching netflix. No more cracked screens!” ~Lindsey Smith

“Best item bought ever! Every one should buy one. Five stars” ~Yan Rong

“This tablet stand is top quality and very well-made. Holds my iPad Air perfectly and very securely. If you’re tired of holding your iPad in bed this is a must buy!” ~Jeff Campbell

“I bought this for my 12 year old son, who recently suffered a neck injury, and it is working beautifully with all his electronics. He uses it in bed and he sets it up on our coffee table, while sitting on the couch. I no longer find him slumped over or in odd positions trying to read an on-line book. It is well made and easy to use.” ~Concerned Mom

“You won’t regret buying this one! Excellent for any reading positions. Well constructed and built with quality materials.”
~Mike Olsen

“Love it! I use it almost every day. Wish I had bought one sooner.” ~Kim Peters

“Eric, short for arachnid, is my wife’s name for this perfect little device. In the week since I’ve had it , it has helped my neck pain enormously. I can lie comfortably at any angle and use my iPad without strain. It is not intrusive and holds the tablet firmly. Highly recommended.” ~Michael Dinovi

“Great item! I love it. Use it every night in bed.” ~Michelle Nichols

“Love, love, love this. Have bought two for gifts and now buying a third.” ~Diane Wildowski

“Wonderful! I bought this as a gift for my son. He loves it. Now that he’s given it the first run test (lol), I’m going to order one for myself.” ~Sandra Davis

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